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What is the Grace Vision Team?

By Sharyn Pliska

What is a Grace Vision Team? It’s a group of dedicated parishioners selected to guide the church in realizing its goals, strategy, purpose and full potential for the future.

Grace Church’s Vision Team 2021 is comprised of Grace members from various ages and walks of life. This variety enabled us to have differing thoughts and opinions in almost all aspects of the undertaking. I am privileged to be a part of the team and want to explain the process that we went through to determine the future of the church.

We started with two questions – “What is Grace good at when building the Kingdom of God?” and “What should Grace be good at when building the Kingdom of God?” From there we made lists and more lists and had discussions, such as the many outreach opportunities that members are aware of and a few that no one was aware of. How do we communicate more effectively? What is our purpose in the community? What could we do differently? What should we do with our campus? What resources do we currently have that can be utilized? How do we reach the members that no longer attend church? These discussions were always informative, insightful and helpful in directing our path forward.

The Town Hall that is scheduled for October 31st, after the 10 am service, will be the Vision Team’s chance to present our conclusions in more detail. It will also give those present an opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions about those conclusions and participate in the final vision for Grace as we head into 2022. Please join the Vision Team as we prepare for the future with God guiding our steps forward!

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