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Zoom Bible Study Review!

By Dave Rubin

What's your flavor of studying Scripture? We have three different and delicious varieties online at Grace!

Thursdays at noon, Father Jonathan leads one: in his words, he takes the 30,000 foot view of the Bible, taking a book and exploring it's theme and how the people and events fit into God's Word as a unified whole.

Rev. Caroline offers hers Tuesdays at 7PM. She'll take a broad concept, like sin or redemption, and work through passages of Scripture to define and explain that concept, showing how it's part of God's plan for us.

At 1PM on Sunday, Father Daniel gets into the nitty gritty of the Bible, using slides and visual aids to take just a few verses at a time covering a particular theme such as Fear and Anxiety or Life After Death and covering them in great detail, enlightening us on what certain words and concepts meant at the time they were written compared to how we understand them today.

I attend all three and find them all equally instructive and uplifting. Plus, the added benefit of seeing the faces of and interacting with my brothers and sisters in Christ on my computer screen. I'd suggest to anybody who'd like a spiritually uplifting experience to take some time each week and attend one or all of these meetings. For information on installing the Zoom program on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as well as instructions on joining these Bible studies, contact

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