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Arnette House Residential Group Homes

Through Grace Church’s generous giving to “Undecorate the Tree” the teen group homes were given $2000 for activities over winter break. These residential group homes provide services to teens ages 13-17 who are in long-term foster care.

Arnette House has two homes across the street from each other. There is one home each for six boys and six girls that focus on the physical and emotional well-being of the teens, and teach methods for sustaining basic life skills to help the teens become self-sufficient adults. The residences are a healthy and supportive home-like environment, which meet the teens’ basic needs.

Once again Grace has brought a bit of light and hope to these teens without families this season with “Undecorate the Tree.” You have shown them that they matter, and are thought and cared about. Over many years Grace has given them the kind of recreational opportunities that they would not otherwise have. Before COVID hit, Grace members also visited the girls’ group home to teach skills like painting, drawing, beading and other crafts, as well as cooking, gardening and other ways to use leisure time in a healthy and productive way. The teens had the opportunity to plan the activities they wanted to do based on their interests. We have also had a few activities at the boys’ group home.

We are hoping to be able to visit the homes again to help them learn practical and pleasurable life skills. Dianna LaBeur and Deacon Susan are leading this ministry beginning in 2023. If you would like to join them, let them know.

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