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Pray The Siren

By Ruth Kraan

Our church is a prayerful family. Prayer is our talking to God praising him, offering thanksgiving, and asking for help in times of need for ourselves and others. To offer support to all first responders who help keep us safe we are asking our church family to participate in “Pray the Siren”.

The members of the Order of the Daughter’s of the King as well as many members of our church family have been offering prayers when we hear a siren for several years and we are asking you to make this a church wide service to our community. Adults and children can offer prayers for others by recognizing the first responder’s need for prayer and support.

When you hear a siren, or see flashing emergency lights please say the following prayer silently or out loud.

“Dear Heavenly Father, Please protect those responding and those they are responding to. In Christ’s Name, Amen”

The agencies in our area are being notified that we are praying this prayer when we hear a siren in support of their being in harms way and protecting us all.

This is very close to my heart since both of my sons are first responders (a paramedic and a sheriff’s deputy) and I hope prayers for their safety are being offered by those in their community.

Pray for others, Pray the Siren!

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