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Grace Episcopal Church is a Gospel-centered Community, situated in the Historic District of Ocala for over 175 years. We are part of the Diocese of Central Florida.
We like and love each other, and have become a warm, friendly, authentic church community. Most Gracers describe our church as home, and our community as family. Because of our steady and continual growth, we are now able to hire a full-time Associate Rector to expand our ministry.

You will be playing a vital role in supporting the spiritual growth and pastoral needs of the congregation. Your multifaceted role involves pastoral care, developing a strategic plan for discipleship, doing outreach together, and educational responsibilities for teens and young adults. It is of vital importance that both you and we feel that you fit well into the culture of Grace.
The vacancy is now open. If you would like to apply for the position please download the job description here and send a copy of your CV and Cover Letter to Fr. Frans van Santen at
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