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A Farewell Tribute: Share Your Heartfelt Letters for Fr. Jonathan

As the time draws near for us to bid farewell to Fr. Jonathan, an opportunity arises for us to express our gratitude and fondest memories. We invite you to contribute to a special goodbye gift by turning in your heartfelt letters this Sunday, December 10. A designated box will be placed in the back of the church during the service, ready to collect the tokens of appreciation and memories that have touched your heart.

Take a moment to reflect on the impact Fr. Jonathan has had on your life and the community. Whether it's a cherished moment, a piece of wisdom, or simply a heartfelt thank you, your words will form a mosaic of love and appreciation. Let's come together to celebrate the chapters he's written in our lives. Your letters will serve as a timeless keepsake, a testament to the bonds forged under his guidance. Don't miss this chance to contribute to a meaningful farewell gift that will warm his heart and remind him of the lives he's touched here at Grace.

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