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From "The Christian in their Community,"

One of our basic needs is to belong. Belonging to a family gives a sense of comfort and security. As a Christian, you are part of God’s family. What does it mean to belong to the Church - and a church?

Worshiping Together

The church is not a building, it is a body of believers united to do the work of the Lord. We are part of the body of Christ, His worldwide Church. This body of people unites to do the work of the Lord and to worship Him together. In the book of Acts we read about the early church, and how these early believers had a great desire to meet together to worship their Lord.

Sometimes we worship God when we are alone. But sometimes it is easier to worship God with other people. God made people so that they like to be with other people. It is natural for believers to want to join together in worship. We receive encouragement when we worship with others, and we give encouragement, also.

Fellowshipping Together

We need fellowship with other people. The highest form of fellowship can be found among Christians. The local church is a good place to find fellowship with other believers. Both young people and adults enjoy being with each other and sharing in times of recreation and work. Getting together for a special event, or to work on a project together, or just for a time of talking and sharing at Coffee Hour are all ways of getting to know people better. And as we get to know each other, we are better able to minister to one another when there is a need.

Often, community members who are not yet part of the local church are brought into fellowship with the Lord and the church in this way. Sharing, caring, and loving are shown to be community actions.

Ministering Together

One of the greatest advantages of regular church attendance is the privilege of learning with other Christians. Sermons help us grow and become mature Christians. As we are ministered to in these ways, we in turn become able to minister to others.

The need for belonging is God's design and His Church is designed to help meet that need.

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