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Undecorate the Tree for the Girl’s and Boy’s Group Homes

By Eleanor Simons

The Arnette Group Homes cares for 12 teens; 6 girls and 6 boys ages 13-17. The group homes provide a long term home environment with 24 hour staffing that allows these teens to continue their education and live in a family-like setting.

Each Christmas, when students have a vacation from school, Grace Church provides activities for these young people. Many organizations do things over the Christmas season for families that are in need. For these teens there are no funds for activities like the ones we provide. Grace Church’s goal is to enable them to experience some of the activities kids with families would have. This year during the pandemic the house mothers will have to get creative with activities. The funds we provide will be used for Christmas gifts and holiday food, craft supplies like clay, paint and brushes. There will be outdoor activities like paintball, lunch outside in parks, and outings like going to Bush Gardens.

Unlike past years you won’t be able to take a reminder ornament off a tree. Our fundraiser will be virtual. Watch for it after Thanksgiving. Mark envelopes with cash or checks “Group Home Project.” These can be put in the collection basket at church or dropped off at the office.

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