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Are you looking to grow spiritually this fall?

"The god of so many Christians I meet is a god who is too small for me. Because he is not the God of the Word, he is not the God revealed by it in Jesus Christ who this moment comes right to your seat and says, “I have a word for you. I know your whole life story. I know every skeleton in your closet. I know every moment of sin, shame, dishonesty and degraded love that has darkened your past. Right now I know your shallow faith, your feeble prayer life, your inconsistent discipleship. And my word is this: I dare you to trust that I love you just as you are, and not as you should be. Because you’re never {in this life} going to be as you should be.” ~ Brennan Manning

We tend to plan most things in our life, like vacations, meals, events, and more but do you plan for your spiritual growth? This fall at Grace we hope you will take the time to consider how you will grow with us, whether that means you need to refresh the basics of your faith with one of our Alpha groups or joining one of our Life-on-Life Journey Groups. Both of these groups are completely different on what they can offer you but they both center around growing your faith. Alpha is a great starting place for anyone just beginning their spiritual journey, but it is also a great way to get back to the basics of our faith. Sometimes we get lost in the everyday and need a reminder on how to keep God at the forefront of our lives. Life-on-Life Journey Groups are small groups that are gender specific and meet for accountability, prayer and fellowship. We talk about the Sunday sermons, read books and go over the course curriculum. Being in a Life-on-Life group means you commit to meeting weekly for one year, typically from September – May with breaks for holidays. We hope you will join us on Sunday, August 21st after each of the services for a meeting to learn more about these groups!

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