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Book Bites: Biblical Imagination Series

By Cheryl Arnold

Michael Card is a Christian musician, author, podcaster, and teacher with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biblical studies. He wrote the Biblical Imagination Series which consists of four volumes, each one a devotional commentary on one of the gospels. In introducing the series, Card explains, “The imagination is a vital bridge between the heart and mind, and the means by which the Spirit begins to undo what was disintegrated by the fall. When we allow our imaginations to be captured by the Holy Spirit, the facts we know in our heads come to life in our hearts, and then (and only then) do we become more like Jesus.”

Each volume introduces the author of the gospel and its major themes before beginning the devotional commentary. Card works with narrative chunks rather than going through the gospels word by word or verse by verse, and in this way, he helps the reader step into the narrative and experience the gospel story in fresh ways. He includes a bit of word study, some historical background and the cultural context, and all of it gives a deeper understanding of the passage. These books are very readable for someone wanting to study one of the gospels and learn how to follow Jesus more closely.

The four volumes include:

· Matthew: The Gospel of Identity

· Mark: The Gospel of Passion

· Luke: The Gospel of Amazement

· John: The Gospel of Wisdom

Our new liturgical calendar begins on November 28, the first Sunday of Advent. The lectionary gospel readings for the next liturgical year will be taken from Luke. The Biblical Imagination volume on Luke would be a wonderful companion on your spiritual journey during the approaching liturgical year.

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