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Do You Agree? Part 2

I ended the first part by reflecting on the conversion of Paul. I wrote, “So, where does this leave us today in our virus-induced despair? Will we have a Saul-to-Paul turnaround. Well, that’s above my pay grade. My guess is it will be more like the protracted conquering of the Romans by love rather than the sword. “

But, I did see an interesting bit of news yesterday: Apparently cloudy Venice canals have turned crystal clear after the coronavirus lockdown. The water in the Venice canals is clear enough to see fish swimming below as the coronavirus halts tourism in Italy. Fish haven’t been seen in the canals for many years. And in China, levels of air pollution in some industrial cities are the best in decades as heavy industry ceases. Is it possible, now that this is happening, people will fight to maintain it once conditions return to normal? Could the virus help us save the planet?

Anecdotal evidence shows a recent increase in interest in the general welfare of others. I’m not talking about contributing to a Go Fund Me on the internet or giving ten dollars to the United Way. I am speaking of a mindset to look outward from ourselves to the needs of those around us. Will the virus ultimately bind us closer together?

Might we find that social isolation, as frightening as that might seem, ultimately helps us to know ourselves better and to get more in touch with what we really need and want in a nonstop world? All this, and a good deal more, may be the eventual “ hope of the coronavirus”.

So, get a sturdy glass jar and dig a hole in your back yard. Inside the jar, put a slip of paper that says “ Name 5 positive outcomes from the 2020 coronavirus”. Mark your calendar to dig up the bottle and open it in 2030 and answer the question. God works in mysterious ways.

By Drick Heitman

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