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Easter Egg Hunts Through The Years

Updated: May 4, 2022

By Catie Hourigan

A few weeks ago Fr. Jonathan announced that he thought this years Easter Egg Hunt was Grace Church’s first, but it isn’t! This week I was able to talk to a few of our members who remember there being several Easter Egg Hunts in Grace’s history. However we are unsure if they were ever on Church grounds.

Wendy Staley reminisced on a time as a young girl where one of the members, Mrs. O'Neal (Martha), would invite the entire church congregation to her house (O'Neal Estate) for an Easter Egg Hunt. Everyone would always wear their Easter attire and enjoy egg hunting, cookies and punch. She said these were some of her most favorite events as a child.

Mrs. Ann Anderson also contributed saying that her parents earlier in the 1940’s would hold an Easter Egg Hunt for the children at the church on their property. It was usually on the Saturday before Easter.

This Saturday Grace will have what could be the first Easter Egg hunt on church property, following the 10am service in the Courtyard next to Parish House. We hope you all have a Happy Easter!

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