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Easy Guide To Setting Up Zoom

Setting up Zoom to connect to our streaming worship services online is easy and simple! Follow these steps to connect to Grace Church services online in no time!

Step 1:

You will receive an email invitation to stream our services. In the email, click in the URL link that looks like this:

Step 2:

Once you click on the link, a new window should open that looks like this:

From here you can click on “download & run Zoom” and it will download a small program file. Click “allow” to allow the download if a small window automatically pops up.

And, after the program installs, it will ask you to join with computer audio. Click to join with computer audio, and you are set!

If you prefer, you can also watch this short video tutorial from Zoom by clicking here.

The link above will take you to a website that looks like this:

Click on the first video, highlighted above.

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