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Inside the Vision Alignment Meetings: Part 1

For me, the Vision Alignment process feels like Grace Church 101. Our first meeting attempted to communicate a good background on Grace and I found it to be fascinating.

I have been attending Grace for just a little over a year. I was drawn in through Bible Study on Zoom and my friendship with Diane and Wayne Taylor. I tried to find an Episcopal church closer to my home in Hernando but the warmth and joy of Grace was too hard to replace. I think you're stuck with me.

I was, until a year ago, a member of the dechurched. I will try not to be irreverent in my postings about the Vision Alignment committee but my ignorance can come off as such. My apologies ahead of time.

Jonathan and Tim did an excellent job of outlining Grace's history and current status. I can't wait for the next meeting when we will go in depth into Grace's assets and future. The group didn't just listen. There were a lot of questions and opinions shared. It's a good beginning.

There is a sincere effort here to listen to different voices on how to do meaningful outreach in Ocala. It's important that whatever service we decide to do is one that Ocala really needs. A good “deal” is one in which both parties are happy. We want to be known in the community for making a difference. One that would also draw people through our doors. It's a tall order.

We have a lot going for us. We have you – the “membership”. We have a great staff. We have a healthy budget. We have a large campus and an on-line presence. As I learn more about these wonderful assets, I'll share my impressions with you.

I'm honored to be part of this journey and proud to be part of a church unwilling to sit on it's laurels.

I'll be back in two weeks after our next meeting. Meantime, could someone tell me who our youngest and oldest members are? It would really help with my homework.

Meg Spurlock

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