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Member Spotlight: Anissa Cunjie

1-What is your ‘go to’ bible verse to get you through the day?

I actually read the daily Forward movement, to start my day. On the back page, For Today:

O god: give me strength to live another day; Let me not turn coward before it's difficulties or prove recreant to its duties... ( its quite a long one)

2-Briefly tell us about a recent fun activity you and or your family participated in.

We actually went for a getaway to Gaylord Palms, last weekend. The water park at the resort was so much fun!! Also, we visited the Icon aquarium.

3-Do you have a favorite recipe or take-out meal recommendation you would like to share?

We have only recently started dining at our favorite restaurants again. Our go to spot is Bonefish Grill: bang bang shrimp, crab cakes, and the calamari are among our favorites.

4- At the start of the 2021 school year, Grace Church will be offering a new Children’s Ministry program, led by Grace’s very own member, Erin van Santen (Father Frans’s wife). While Erin is busy preparing, please share how a mentor, youth leader, or Sunday school teacher had an impact on you and why?

As far as I can remember I have always enjoyed Sunday school. So much so, I used to be a Sunday school teacher at my church in New Jersey. When I moved to Ocala, I used to help Buff with children’s church. My love for teaching children blossomed from my experiences with Sunday school.

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