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Supporting the Church in Malawi

By Fr. Frans van Santen

We have an opportunity for you to support the growth of the Church in Malawi. Christianity in Malawi is, like in most African countries, growing very fast. Much of this growth happens in rural areas, where churches literally meet under a tree or in a shabby building. One of the major challenges that these churches face, is the lack of theological training of their pastors. Thousands of church leaders have never learned how to properly read the Bible, let alone teach others what the Bible teaches. This leads to several problems, one of them being all kinds of false understandings about God, Jesus, and the church.

We are connected to Fr. Robert Yanduya who leads his own congregation in Malawi, and gives multiple seminars per year in rural areas, drawing 150 pastors per time to teach them how to lead, how to preach, how to be the church. Whenever he goes, he brings as many Bibles as he can, which are then being distributed to these people who meet ‘under the tree’. Robert’s ministry is completely dependable on financial support. Our church has already donated $ 5,000 and invites you to join.

Here’s how you can do this:

1. Seminar for Rectors and Vestry members: $200 per seminar

2. Bible in the Chichewa language: $15 per Bible

3. School fee for a child whose parents can’t afford it: $72 per child

4. Children’s Conference: $15 per child

5. Relief to needy families (including widows and orphans): $60 per household

If you’d like to donate to one of these goals this Sunday is the last Sunday to donate, please write a check to Grace Episcopal Church, with Malawi in the memo. Attach a post-it note if you are committed to a specific goal listed above.

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