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Supporting The Church in Malawi - Part 2

By Fr. Frans van Santen

We have collected money for the church in Malawi in the past few weeks. Your generosity caused us to transfer $7,800.00 to Zambezi Evangelical Church in Malawi. As the money was on its way, cyclone Freddy hit Malawi hard. It caused heavy flooding, and many people died. Robert Yanduya, the Pastor and visionary of Zambezi Evangelical Church, had to bury an entire family of nine. Needless to say, our money comes in at exactly the right time. Not only to support God’s mission with Bibles and conferences, but also to support God’s mission practically as many are now homeless and hungry. Thank you so much Gracers, for your generosity, and please keep Pastor Robert and the country of Malawi in your prayers.

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