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Why I Give To Grace: Mary Baggs

Why do I give?

I give for all those who can’t.

I give as I was lost and grateful that now I am found.

I give because through the Episcopal Church I accepted Christ as my savior, and HE became the foundation of my life 41 years ago.

I give for those who are lost, with hope to be found.

I give to increase the outreach and connection with our community.

As giving evokes gratitude. Gratitude is essential to health, happiness, and social bonds.

Bonds that boost others positivity. The act of giving elicits positive feeling and emotions of both the giver and the receiver making it one of the most important exchanges we can have with each other.

I give because I’ve witnessed how, during my career, helping small and large businesses grow impacted their community outreach through grants, sponsorships, and volunteerism. I give because I managed community partnerships on behalf of many local non-profit organizations year after year and saw firsthand the impact those funds had on the non-profits as they increased their giving to the underserved in our community.

I give because my former workplace was known to the community as a partner that helped serve the underserved through their philanthropic giving. I give because as a part of our Grace Vision Committee we dug deep into our community and discovered needs we can also choose to meet. I give because as the fastest growing church in our diocese, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, together we can broaden our outreach by focusing our efforts to move from being known as Ocala’s historic downtown church, to Grace Episcopal Church, Ocala’s Community Partner, with a heart for giving.

Mary Baggs

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